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Service Code Service Description
998361 Advertising Services
998362 Purchase or sale of advertising space or time, on commission
998363 Sale of advertising space in print media (except on commission)
998364 Sale of TV and radio advertising time
998365 Sale of Internet advertising space
998366 Sale of other advertising space or time (except on commission)
Service Code Service Description
998371 Market research services
998372 Public opinion polling services
Service Code Service Description
998381 Portrait photography services
998382 Advertising and related photography services
998383 Event photography and event videography services
998384 Specialty photography services
998385 Restoration and retouching services of photography
998386 Photographic & videographic processing services
998387 Other Photography & Videography and their processing services n.e.c.
Service Code Service Description
998391 Specialty design services including interior design, fashion design, industrial design and other specialty design services
998392 Design originals
998393 Scientific and technical consulting services
998394 Original compilations of facts/information
998395 Translation and interpretation services
998396 Trademarks and franchises
998397 Sponsorship Services & Brand Promotion Services
998399 Other professional, technical and business services n.e.c.
Service Code Service Description
998411 Carrier services
998412 Fixed telephony services
998413 Mobile telecommunications services
998414 Private network services
998415 Data transmission services
998419 Other telecommunications services including Fax services, Telex services n.e.c.
Service Code Service Description
998421 Internet backbone services
998422 Internet access services in wired and wireless mode.
998423 Fax, telephony over the Internet
998424 Audio conferencing and video conferencing over the Internet
998429 Other Internet telecommunications services n.e.c.
Service Code Service Description
998431 On-line text based information such as online books, newpapers, periodicals, directories etc
998432 On-line audio content
998433 On-line video content
998434 Software downloads
998439 Other on-line contents n.e.c.
Service Code Service Description
998441 News agency services to newspapers and periodicals
998442 Services of independent journalists and press photographers
998443 News agency services to audiovisual media
Service Code Service Description
998451 Library services
998452 Operation services of public archives including digital archives
998453 Operation services of historical archives including digital archives
Service Code Service Description
998461 Radio broadcast originals
998462 Television broadcast originals
998463 Radio channel programmes
998464 Television channel programmes
998465 Broadcasting services
998466 Home programme distribution services
Service Code Service Description
998511 Executive/retained personnel search services
998512 Permanent placement services, other than executive search services
998513 Contract staffing services
998514 Temporary staffing services
998515 Long-term staffing (pay rolling) services
998516 Temporary staffing-to-permanent placement services
998517 Co-employment staffing services
998519 Other employment & labour supply services n.e.c
Service Code Service Description
998521 Investigation services
998522 Security consulting services
998523 Security systems services
998524 Armoured car services
998525 Guard services
998526 Training of guard dogs
998527 Polygraph services
998528 Fingerprinting services
998529 Other security services n.e.c.


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